Why a Native SSP For Publishers?

We believe empowering publishers and digital media companies with proper resources and sensible technology is key to their success in efficiently navigating today’s native advertising and content recommendation strategies.

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We optimize your native revenue strategy using the first native SSP for content recommendation.

  • Increased Revenue

    Our powerful optimization engine dynamically enhances your revenue by maximizing CTRs and lifting CPCs on every outbound click.

  • Granular Data

    Key performance indicators and insightful data from all vendors are aggregated and presented in a clear, concise, and actionable format.

  • Flexible Control

    Customizable rotation frequency on an even distribution or weighted SOV, you have complete control over how your creatives are prioritized.

Real-Time Aggregated Reporting

Engagement Pacing (ePACE)

Better User Experience. Increased Revenue

eRPM Auction Competition. Lifted RPM

Operates on all desktop, tablet, mobile devices and platforms




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